Florian Ebner (ed.): Fabrik
Deutscher Pavillon, La Biennale di Venezia 2015
ISBN 978-3-86335-747-4
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König

Thread-sewn brochure with poster dust jacket,
4-color offset, 21×27.5 cm
220 pages, English / German

Exhibition catalogue, website, stationery, invitations, exhibition plans, bags, ads, signage

Client: ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen)
Collaboration: Pascal Storz,
Nicola Reiter, and Helmut Völter
Leipzig / Berlin / Munich, 2014 / 2015
For the 56th Venice Art Biennale, the German Pavilion becomes a resonant space in which the productive sound of a globalized world can be heard. Starting from their varied reflections on the notions of ‘work’, ‘migration’, and ‘revolt’, the four artistic positions transform the building into a virtual factory. The works by Hito Steyerl, Tobias Zielony, Jasmina Metwaly / Philip Rizk, and Olaf Nicolai can be read as a parable for the metamorphosis of visual mediafrom pictures as classical recordings to the creation, processing, and projection of images.

Davide Cascio / Christian Kathriner: Transposition
ISBN 978-3-944669-41-0
Spector Books

Staple-bound brochure with stiff cardboard cover and centre gatefold, 4-color offset,
26.3×36.1 cm
100 pages, German / Italian / English

Client: Davide Cascio / Christian Kathriner
Collaboration: Pascal Storz and Christian Hofer
Leipzig, 2015
According to legend, the Santa Casa, in which Maria received the apparition of the Angel of Annunciation, was relocated from Nazareth to Loreto. In 2009, the Swiss artists Davide Cascio and Christian Kathriner developed a work that refers back to this legend. They created two wall carpets for the pilgrimage chapel of Our Lady of Hergiswalda replica of the Santa Casa. ‘Transposition’ presents this temporary spatial installation that at the same time absorbs the opulent decoration of the Baroque chapel of Hergiswald and simultaneously refracts it within contemporary aesthetics.

Samuel Henne: Formationen / Formations
ISBN 978-3-86895-270-4
Revolver Publishing

Thread-sewn and saddle-stitched twin brochure, 4-color offset, 23×30.5 cm
72 pages, English / German

Client: Kunstverein Hannover
Collaboration: Tobias Wenig and Tim Wetter
Berlin, 2013
At the centre of Samuel Henne’s monographic catalogue is the constantly shifting relationship between photography and sculpture. Staged objects and folded surfaces are translated into constructed pictures, steadily alternating between the flat and the spatial. ‘FormationenFormations’ is conceived as a twin brochure that can be read from front to back, and vice versa.

Seiichi Furuya: Was wir sehen / Gravitation
Kunsthaus Dresden and Technische Sammlungen Dresden

Exhibition design, invitation flyers and leaflets, poster stele, ads, wall and window plots

Client: Kunsthaus Dresden
Collaboration: Pascal Storz and Lamm & Kirch
Leipzig / Berlin, 2015
Seiichi Furuya’s double exhibition in Dresden features a selection of photographs at their place of origin, comprising the artist’s central work. Seen with the eyes of a foreigner, who faces the political system and culture of the former GDR and simultaneously captures the intimacy of his family in this environment, Furuya’s photographs taken in the 1980s provide a unique view on the ‘closed society’ of the socialist republic.

PROVENCE Issue E: Four Seasons
The PROVENCE Summer Reader: After Dark
ISBN 978-2-918252-30-6
PROVENCE / Paraguay Press

Adhesive-bound paperback, 1-color offset, silkscreened glow-in-the-dark cover,
11×18 cm (supplement), 69×93 cm (poster)
184 pages, 1 poster, English

Collaboration: Pascal Storz
Leipzig / Berlin, 2014
‘The PROVENCE Summer Reader: After Dark’ takes it starting point from the kind of supplementary pocket books that are attached to the summer issues of various lifestyle magazines. As the title suggests, it is a reader that gathers material by authors from art-connected backgrounds, taking over a format known for its slippery and entertaining contentfeaturing writings and poems by Sylvie Fleury, Georgia Sagri, Helmut Berger, Carter Mull, Bonny Poon, Karl Holmqvist, and a poster with an artwork by Josephine Pryde.

Katarina Šević: Social Motions
Markus Draper: Demotape
Annette Weisser: German Angst
Kunsthaus Dresden

Exhibition design, invitation flyers and leaflets, poster stele, ads, wall and window plots

Client: Kunsthaus Dresden
Collaboration: Pascal Storz
Leipzig, 2014
Exhibiton design for the solo shows of Katarina Šević, Markus Draper and Annette Weisser at Kunsthaus Dresden, including invitation flyers, poster steles, ads, and signage. In the form of paintings, photographs and choreographies, the three artists deal with the social, political and aesthetical aspects of mass movements and protest cultures.

Kein Tag mehr ohne Kulturzentrum!
20 Jahre Schlachthof Wiesbaden

Saddle-stitched brochure, 2-color offset,
21.5×31 cm
60 pages, 1 inlay, German

Client: Kulturzentrum Schlachthof Wiesbaden
Collaboration: Tim Wetter
Leipzig / Berlin, 2014
This publication is a document of the past 20 years of the Schlachthof in Wiesbadenfrom squatting a defunct slaughterhouse, through to world-famous graffiti meetings and open airs, troubles with shutdowns and re-openings, to becoming Germany’s club of the yearas multiply awarded in ‘intro’ magazine. The title (‘No more day without a cultural centre’) and typographic concept derive from the collective’s first printed postulations back in 1994.

Kirunatopia: Art on Landscapes and Resources in Northern Sweden and Lausatia
Kunsthaus Dresden

Exhibition design, invitation flyers and leaflets, poster stele, ads, wall and window plots

Client: Kunsthaus Dresden
Collaboration: Pascal Storz
Leipzig, 2014
Kiruna, a town in the north of Sweden that was founded in the wake of iron ore mining, is the starting point of this artistic research and exhibition project. The consequences of mining activities caused the city centre to be moved due to geological instability. ‘Kirunatopia’ seeks answers to what artistic, cultural and political meanings the term landscape has for society today.

Yvon Chabrowski: Re-Living After the Image / Er-Leben nach dem Bild

Leaflet poster, 4-color offset,
16.4×22.8 cm (closed), 45.6×65.6 cm (open)
16 pages, German / English

Client: Yvon Chabrowski
Collaboration: Pascal Storz
Leipzig / Berlin, 2015
Yvon Chabrowski’s performances ‘Afterimage / Protest’ and ‘Afterimage / Anti-Demo’ are based on found media footage of protests. The re-enactment is grounded on the iconography of images of recent demonstrations from Istanbul, Cairo and Moscow. It uncovers a skeleton of resistanceor rather the image formulas with which the media is reporting about it.

Lisa Oppenheim: Billowing
ISBN 978-3-942700-30-6

Saddle-stitched softcover, 2-color offset,
20×28 cm (book), 55×39 cm (posters)
24 pages, 3 posters, English

Client: Kunstverein Göttingen
Collaboration: jung+wenig and Tim Wetter
Berlin, 2013
‘Billowing’ was published along with Lisa Oppenheim’s solo exhibition at Kunstverein Göttingen. Conceived without explanatory texts, the booklet unfolds as a sequence of images in which ruptures and analogies create a correlation of comparison and contrasts. The New York based artist re-exposes selected segments with the help of a burning matchthe resulting solarization reverses lights and darks, causing the images to resemble pictures of clouds.

Roland Ziss (ed.): Progress Through Projects
25 Years of SUM Consult
ISBN 978-3-000-42861-6

Adhesive-bound brochure, 4-color offset,
17×24 cm
120 pages, English

Client: SUM Consult
(Settlements and Urban Management)
Berlin / Wiesbaden, 2013
After 25 years of development aid in hundreds of projects around the world, SUM Consult presents detailed insights into the company’s major achievements. Among others, ‘Progress Through Projects’ reviews an integrated settlement upgrading project in the Dominican Republic, Uruguay’s first home improvement loan scheme, and an energy efficient recovery programme in Gansuone of China’s most active earthquake regions.

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